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For nearly forty years I have lived in Grande Prairie and watched it grow in population and change in appearance. I would be proud to represent your voice to ensure we build a safe, vibrant community moving forward with great accountability for the taxes you spend.

My intended role on City Council will be Community Driven while being Financially Responsible. Our children and the generations after them should have the opportunity to appreciate the amenities of their city without being financially burdened with endless tax increases. As a long time local business owner, I believe it is possible to have an abundant community while maintaining a realistic budget.

Let’s Work Together to bring balance to Grande Prairie’s budget by treating it as though it is our very own. My businesses have always been founded on the values and inspirations of our employees, while ensuring stability within the business itself. I will treat this position no differently and with no less respect. I will ensure that City Council hears the importance of treating their residents as customers instead of just “tax payers”. As a dedication to my engagement I would like the opportunity to respond to any inquiries through email as a way of ensuring that your opinion is given the time and consideration that it deserves.

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Community Driven

As your councillor, I will work to ensure the people of Grande Prairie have a voice to shape THEIR community. A safe, vibrant place to live, raise a family and retire.


I believe with better financial responsibility we could continue to grow and evolve our community amenities while avoiding tax increases. This would create more value for the taxes you pay.


  • Court Sport Facility: Over the past four years I have paid close attention to both minor and senior court-based sports, and I’ve seen the positive impact they make in both the health and economy within our community. I’ve discovered that, in our region, we have impressive participant numbers in this area of athletics. I believe that there is an opportunity to utilize underused, over-taxed spaces as sports facilities that could proudly and affordably represent our city as a destination sporting hub. After speaking to those specialized in this industry, I want to bring some options to the table that would also be attractive to our bottom line financially.


  • Transportation Plan: The ability to move within a community in a safe and effective manner is incredibly important. It is also crucial to ensure our engineered plans for the future make sense for what the current development of the community represents. Although it is valuable to have a plan for the future, it is equally as valuable to be prepared to alter such plans in current time. I will push that regular industry consultation and research utilization be a requirement prior to capital plans happening on an outdated blueprint.


Financially Responsible

My goal is to work together with council and constituents to bring balance to Grande Prairie’s municipal budget. As a business owner I am comfortable diving into budgets and financial records and not quitting until the plan makes financial sense.


While serving on City Council from 2017 to 2021, I made it a priority to familiarize myself with the city budget. I considered both sides of the budget: Items that were a benefit to the community as well as those that were financially burdensome. Because of this experience, I will be immediately effective at the four-year budget deliberation scheduled in November of this year, which is only a few short weeks after the conclusion of the 2022 by-election.


For every budget deliberation that I participate in, I bring well-researched recommendations that I believe will positively impact the community while being economically sustainable. My push for reduced spending on the previous council term was effective in decreasing taxes and therefore will continue to be a priority for me if elected on October 17.


  • Reduced Spending: I made a promise in my first City Council term to research well and push hard on reduced spending. I am proud to have done just that, alongside my colleagues, to be the first Council in Grande Prairie history to have a year of decreased taxes and an overall term of zero tax increases. My focus will not change in ensuring that there is value behind the taxes that are implemented.


  • Accountability: I believe that one of the most valuable aspects in an elected official is accountability. I am proud to be able to say that all of the promises I made during my first campaign last term and the ones during my time as a City Councilor were researched heavily, debated diligently, and most often successful. If elected in this by-election I will continue to be accountable Grande Prairie and its citizens.


About Wade

I have been a proud part of the Grande Prairie community since it had a population of 15,000 people. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have grown up in a family that taught me to work hard, be confident and accept knowledge from others where I may lack. With that lesson in mind, I have surrounded myself with people whom I could learn and grow from. I am grateful to have many mentors and peers, as well as my wife Dalene, and our two daughters, Priya and Saige, of whom are all very passionate about this community and how it is represented. They help to remind me of the variety of perspectives that people in this community may have and that each one deserves due consideration.

I am an entrepreneur by nature having owned small local businesses, from retail, restaurant, selling Real Estate, building homes and small land development projects for over 20 years in Grande Prairie. I mindfully conduct my businesses in a way that reflects the high morals my mentors have instilled in me, and because of their examples I am very passionate about giving time back to the community. I am very proud of the community involvement list below and look forward to having the chance to deliver a consideration of both a business and community perspective at the City Council table.

  • What we need for our City Council is an experienced person who gets things done. A man that follows through on his words with actions. We support Wade Pilat because he is someone that represents these aspects.
    Neil TuazonPresident of Filipino Community
  • I have had the opportunity to get to know Wade professionally and personally over the past 20 years. He is community driven and has always wanted what is best for Grande Prairie as a whole. From his years of volunteering on several boards within Grande Prairie to his commitment to invest back into our fine city. Wade has always been an integrity based and transparent business member and city resident. His constant search for answers as to what would make Grande Prairie a better place to be only solidifies why he would make a great member of Council. Wade Pilat is an integral part of Grande Prairie's equation for success.
    Jeff SmithCommercial Insurance Executive - Foster Park Insurance an NFP Company
  • Wade Pilat would be an excellent addition to Grande Prairie City Council and I am happy to support him in this new opportunity. I have dealt with Wade for several years in the real estate, land development and home building industry and have always appreciated his dedication to customer service and client satisfaction in his businesses. This commitment to customer service and his ability to put procedures in place to ensure customer satisfaction will be a true asset as a councillor. As previous members of the Urban Developers Institute, I have witnessed Wade’s effort in educating himself on City financial matters and he is not afraid to ask difficult questions or offer constructive business minded suggestions to all City departments. As a Council Member, I know Wade will continue to be focused on the current and future financial situation of the City and will bring a valuable business perspective to the budgeting and fiscal procedures of the City. Lastly, Wade and I have similar aged children and I have always been impressed with the importance he puts on family and the opportunities he seeks out and utilizes within the City for his children. As a council member, I know Wade will advocate for continued opportunities for our young City residents and will promote the use and financial stability of the great facilities we already have.
    Kelly McleodRoyal Lepage - The Realty Group
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Wade in a variety of roles over many years. I have coached soccer alongside Wade, I have worked alongside Wade and I have seen his devoted participation within community roles. Wade runs all aspects of his life with integrity, loyalty and honesty. He prides himself on being true to his word and ensuring a successful outcome at anything he puts his mind to. He has built a business from the ground up by being a leader that sees the value in team building. Wade is a successful businessman because of his ability to hear what others are saying and give those ideas the consideration they deserve. Wade will be the alderman to hear what the residents of Grande Prairie are saying and truly be a voice to those concerns at the City Council table.
    Bill ShawInstructor, Celtic Sports Academy
  • I support Wade Pilat as a councilor for the city of Grande Prairie. I have had the opportunity to get to know Wade professionally and personally over the past 13 years. He is passionate about the community. Wade is always sincere and honest and has genuine interest in making our community the best it can be. He has always advocated for supporting local businesses and ensures his actions reinforce that belief. I believe this is one of the reasons that Wade is so well recognized within our community. Wade has been  in many of Grande Prairie’s volunteer positions over the years and is currently a Rotarian along with holding positions on numerous boards within our community. Wade is dedicated and hard working and that is the kind of person that helps bring about positive changes.
    Courtney ZimmermanTeacher, Aspen Grove School
  • Wade Pilat will be an incredible asset to City Council! His experience base is incredibly broad having been very involved in community volunteerism, running numerous successful businesses, raising a young family who are very active within our community and having been an engaged resident for nearly forty years. I have volunteered alongside Wade for various nonprofit events and in a board capacity and can honestly say that he is a man with great integrity. His company was even awarded the 2016 Corporate Volunteer of the year award because of his passion to encourage engagement within this community. This is truly a man who will push to make a difference.
    Cheryl WeaverBoard Chair, Regional EMS Foundation
  • I support Wade Pilat for Grande Prairie City Council. Wade and I have known each other for greater than 30 years as classmates and friends. As a long time citizen and business person in this growing and thriving community, Wade has always shown understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the Grande Prairie area. He has the knowledge and temperament to make a valuable contribution to the city council. Wade is reasonable, personable, and works well with others. Wade Pilat has demonstrated that he is a candidate for all citizens of our community. One thought used to summarize my role as a nurse is: I am not what I can do, but how I do it. Wade is able to deal with different people and personalities, yet not lose his focus, and still get the job done. He has volunteered for many non-profit organizations over the years and is currently a Rotarian, on the Airport board, the Assessment Review Board also as a parent volunteer for his children’s school. Wade is consistently working to make our community a better place.
    Shannon StephensonNurse
  • I am so happy to hear that Wade Pilat has decided to run for Grande Prairie City Council. Wade is a local boy who grew up in our community and chose to raise his family and build his business in Grande Prairie. Wade brings a wealth of practical business experience to this position which is critically important when major decisions are being made at city council level. Wade is a listener. He is always eager to hear someone’s opinion or concern on a matter related to Grande Prairie and our surrounding area. Wade is a community minded person who believes in giving back to the community. It is great to see that he is willing to commit of his time to become part of the City council. Wade has the passion and conviction to ensure that the City is fiscally responsible for the tax dollars raised in our community. The future of Grande Prairie is being built by young entrepreneurs like Wade. I fully support Wade Pilat for City Council. I hope you do as well.
    Kevin SzakacsHi-Tech Business Systems Ltd.
  • I've known Wade for 15+ years and have always known him to be a community minded business owner that understands the cyclical nature of our industry-based economy. As a home builder, he also has early insight into the economic up & down swings and understands the need for a fiscally conservative policy. I would be happy to hear Wade's voice on City Council and I look forward to the business-minded approach he'd bring to our City Hall.
    Ryan Blais

Community Leadership Roles

My experience with board dynamics and working as a team will enable me to apply such skills to the City Council table in a productive manner.

  • City of Grande Prairie Elected Official
    City Councillor – 2017 to 2021
  • Swan City Rotary Club
    Member – 2020 to present
  • City of Grande Prairie Pursuit of Excellence
    Board Director – 2004 to 2011
  • City of Grande Prairie Public Library
    Board Director – 2012 to 2014
  • Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce
    Board Director– 2016 to 2017
  • Grande Prairie Home Builders Association
    Board Director and Past President – 2009 to 2011
  • Alberta Home Builders Association
    Board Director – 2009 to 2014
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Board Director – 2016 to Present
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Mentor – 2006 to 2010


Where do I go to vote on Election Day, October 17, 2022?

Election Day:

  • Monday, October 17, 2022

Voting Times:

  • 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Election Day

Voting Location:

Who Can Vote and What to Bring

Please visit the City of Grande Prairie website for up-to-date voter information including eligibility and acceptable identification.

Thank you for making sure that your vote counts!

When and where can I participate in the Advance Voting?

Advance Voting Dates:

  • Saturday, October 8, 2022
  • Saturday, October 15, 2022

Advance Voting Times:

  • 11:00 am to 7:00 pm each day

Advance Voting Location:

Who Can Vote and What to Bring

Please visit the City of Grande Prairie website for up-to-date voter information including eligibility and acceptable identification.

Thank you for making sure that your vote counts!

What is the main objective you would like to achieve if you are elected?

I was diligent and effective on my focus of zero tax increases in my first term and will continue will a focus of appropriate spending if elected for a second term. My favorite part of Council in my first term was budget deliberations and would be honored to be a part of it again.

What experience does Wade have when it comes to being a City Councillor?

In Wade's words: 

The hardest thing about experience is that you have to have it. And I do.

When I was a City Councillor last term, I took specific interest in the budget. I learned how budgeting for municipalities works, and I researched what made the most fiscal sense for Grande Prairie and its citizens.

Shortly after the by-election, in November, City Council will be deliberating a new four-year budget. Between capital and operations expenditures, the use of nearly one billion dollars will be planned. Because I’ve had this budgeting experience on our City Council in the past, I will be immediately ready to effectively contribute and make sensible decisions on your behalf.

I won’t beat around the bush here—municipal budgeting is difficult and I hold great respect for the process. During my last term, I found myself taking a personal approach to how we spend our ratepayers’ dollars and engaged with many people on a lot of topics. I discovered what you had to say on issues that ranged from Eastlink Centre operations to urban chickens, and the big one: the purchase of the Stonebridge Hotel (PS I voted no on that project, and I was the only one to vote no).

Listening to what you had to say about how our city was run became especially important to me. I regularly found myself reflecting what was shared with me over various conversations. Some of those conversations were challenging, I’ll admit. But I met them head-on because my mission is to put forward what I believe will end up being what’s best for Grande Prairie. I feel these conversations must be had, and I won’t shy away from tough conversations when they are needed.

Of course my experience as a Grande Prairie City Councillor extends beyond budgeting and challenging conversations. I know the process of City Council and I understand the responsibilities that come along with being a City Councillor. I’ve been on many committees and even chaired a few. I take the job seriously, and after this small break since the last term ended, I’m ready to get back into City Hall and get to work for you.

Platform Notes from Wade: Community Pride

I care about our community, and I believe that first impressions go a long way when it comes to community pride. Here are my thoughts on what’s important to showcase our community the best way possible.

  • Clean streets with more frequent street sweeping (something I advocated for during my term on council).
  • Planting more trees, especially on boulevards and around public-use facilities.
  • Showcasing and using the outdoor jewel of our city: Muskoseepi Park and its beautiful trails & amenities.
  • A big one—Community Safety! Keeping our citizens feeling safe and being safe reflects on our city.
  • Having a Citizen Contact Centre that provides great customer service in a timely and effective fashion.
  • Keeping Grande Prairie healthy by advocating to bring and keep doctors and health professionals to our city.
  • Becoming the city that is better at pot hole repair than any other city in western Canada.
  • Helping to fund local events and organizations to provide engagement activities such as entertainment, community support, and volunteer opportunities for our citizens.
    Working in tandem with our municipal neighbours to create a region that is the best place to work, live, and play.
  • For me, meeting 1-on-1 with individuals so we can talk about concerns. I feel that having concerns means there is care, so to me, having these conversations help build pride in our community.

You may have heard me say it before, but I truly love Grande Prairie and the region. I’ve watch our city grow and change over the last few decades. I could list numerous things that I am delighted by when it comes to where we live, from our entrepreneurial spirit to our volunteers to our population growth, but for now, I’ll just say that community pride is high on my priority list.

Platform Notes from Wade: Doctors and Health Care Professionals

Our new Regional Hospital was not only built to take care of our residents, but also to teach and provide economic growth to our city and region.

I feel that, sadly, our new hospital isn't being used to its full potential. And, although it's a provincial responsibility to manage and maintain this facility, I want to see our local city councillors and administration get more involved in ways we can fully capitalize on the opportunities our new hospital can bring.

So how do we attract Doctors and health care professionals to our City and region?

I believe we should:

  • Invite Alberta Health Services, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation, the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce, Grande Prairie City Council, the MD of Greenview Council, and the County of Grande Prairie Council to the table to discuss actionable, achievable recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Get support within our own Council chamber for funding to attract and retain strategies for health care professionals.
  • Build and maintain working relationships with Alberta Health Services, MLAs, and health ministers.
  • Allow for more foreign doctors the ability to get their accreditation through the Provincial College of Physicians.

We need to have conversations and build relationships with the right people at the table. Through this advocacy and collaboration, we will collect information and data to provide meaningful insight in order to make sound decisions that will maximize health care and attract the health care professionals we need.

Platform Notes from Wade: Grande Prairie’s Seniors

The other day, I had a fun, informative day with my good friend Cheryl Weaver going out to talk with various seniors groups.

Our first stop: The Golden Age Center, where we had a tour and great conversations with Lynda Evans, President of their association. Lynda, thanks for taking the time to explain the concerns your organization.

After touring various seniors facilities, I made some discoveries and have a few ideas that I would like to work on if elected.

  • The Golden Age Center needs additional operation funds due to increased building operation costs. I would like to work with them and the City to find ways to help that work for both parties.
  • The Golden Age Center could also use help modernizing their marketing to promote & showcase all the amazing events they hold for their members. PS: Memberships are only only $20/year (+ some small activity fees) and membership is open to all ages!
  • Many seniors don’t have vehicles and want better access to facilities to increase their health and well-being. I want to work with transit to establish pick up and drop off times to bring Seniors from various seniors’ homes to the Golden Age Center, allowing our seniors a chance to partake in daily activities. I would also like to find ways to create a transit route that would take seniors to Eastlink Centre and Montrose Cultural Centre.
  • Further on transit, several seniors mentioned their concerns with the new transit loops and how these changes have made their lives more difficult. I realize transit is a work in progress; however, when we're dealing with people who may have mobility or other issues we must be do better.
  • Lastly—and most importantly in my opinion—we need to build more seniors’ facilities ASAP. Recently, the Grande Spirit Foundation released numbers stating that 283 seniors are on a wait list requiring 228 households. We must improve as a community to provide housing to everyone who needs it. I can assure you, I will work diligently to have transparency around housing fund spending, and work toward a more equal distribution of these funds and projects to all who need them, not to any specific group over another.

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